Wellness Travel

Escape. Serenity. Rejuvenation.

Especially now, the 21st-century lifestyle is full of stress, anxiety, poor diets, inconsistent exercise and shortage of quality time to nourish relationships.
Wellness travel seeks to course-correct with care of self, mind, body and spirit.

At Travelicous, we regularly plan escapes so our clients can rebuild themselves and return to balance. It can be as simple as providing you an environment for eating right, exercising, or just a walk in nature–all ways to combat stress.
We enjoy strong relationships with the global leaders in wellness and pass along their expertise—all with a strong focus on being whole, centered, mindful, and calm.

Sometimes you have to unplug to simply discover your center of power.

Explore our custom wellness itineraries.

Top destinations range from Southeast Asia to the Swiss Alps; from the deserts of the Southwest to the wild Irish coast.
We give you the platform to disconnect from worries and rejuvenate on your own, with a partner, or friends — for a short or long respite.

Women exercising with therabands


  • Yoga + Pilates

  • Strength training

  • Water sports

  • Skiing & winter sports

  • Hiking

Women getting massages


  • Spa therapies

  • Massage

  • Juice cleanses

  • Quit smoking

  • Sleep therapy

Buddah sculpture with purple flowers


  • Spirituality

  • Shaman experiences

  • Grieving

  • Illness recovery

  • Ayurveda

Artichokes in crate

Wellness cuisine.

  • Sustainable agriculture

  • Locavore & farm-to-table dining

  • Detoxification

  • Vegan & vegetarian dining

  • Weight loss

“The journey is the reward.”